Tim Roth’s son, the Pulp Fiction star, is dead. Cormac Roth was 25 years old

Tim Roth’s son, the Pulp Fiction star, is dead. Cormac Roth was 25 years old

The son of movie legend Tim Roth is dead. Cormac Roth died at the age of only 25 after struggling with the disease. His relatives informed the media about his death. There were also moving words.

Tim Roth – who is he?

Tim Roth is a British artist famous for his roles in Quentin Tarantino’s films, including Reservoir Dogs and “Pulp Fiction”. He began his adventure with acting in the theater. Already as a 16-year-old he made his debut on the small screen. Three years later, he first appeared in the movie “Execute the judgment”, for which he was nominated for a BAFTA award. Then he established cooperation with popular filmmakers, incl. with Quentin Tarantino. Some time ago, the actor gave an interview to Dzień Dobry TVN, in which he referred to the cooperation with this director.

– The cinema that I created with, for example, Tarantino, gives us a unique opportunity to experience adventures, travel in time, watch places we do not have access to and experience emotions that we do not have every day. This is something very unique. Now it’s not just the pandemic that is changing it. These changes started earlier with streaming platforms and their mass film production. On the one hand, it is fascinating because it opens many doors to filmmakers. On the other hand, it is a threat to the movies I have made in the past. I am very worried about their future, he said.

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The British actor is known for preferring participation in low-budget, ambitious films over appearing in expensive, but not artistically interesting shows. Most recently, he participated in the 78th Venice Festival, where he acted as a lecturer and promoted a new film.

Tim Roth’s son died of cancer

Tim Roth now faces a family tragedy. His 25-year-old son died of cancer. The death was announced on Monday, October 31. Cormac Roth’s relatives made a touching statement in Variety magazine.

He was a wild and electric ball of energy and his spirit was filled with light and goodness. He was also the embodiment of courtesy. He was a gentle soul who brought so much happiness and hope to the people around him. Sadness comes in waves, as does tears and laughter when we think of this beautiful boy we knew through 25 years and 10 months. A wild and joyful, crazy and wonderful child. Only recently a man. We love him. We will take it with us wherever we go – we read.

Cormac Roth is dead. Cause of death

In November last year, Cormac informed fans that he was diagnosed with germ cell tumor in the third stage.

– Since then, I have been fighting him every day, doing everything I can. Chemotherapy, drugs, transplants, transfusions, surgery etc. It’s called Choriocarcinoma. It’s rare and has managed to stay many paces ahead of me no matter what I throw at it. He took half my hearing, 30 kg, my confidence, and he will continue his murderous path until I somehow manage to stop him and kill him. But that didn’t take away my will to survive or my love of making music. It still hasn’t blew me away. […] It is an emotional rollercoaster unlike anything else, he wrote.

Cormac he was the son of Tim and Nikki Roth. The couple married in 1993 and had a son, Timothy. The father of the deceased 25-year-old still has a son, Jack, from his relationship with Lori Baker.

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