TikTok and AliExpress algorithms in the hands of the Chinese authorities. “These are strictly kept secrets”

TikTokInstagram Spotify, Facebook – all the biggest apps they rely on algorithms that determine the good and order of the content displayed on the screens smartphones. There is a race between them to find out who will create the algorithm that will most accurately assess the needs of its users. The information is even treated as closely guarded trade secrets, explains the BBC.

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China. The government obtained data on algorithms

So it’s a real surprise that Chinese Cyberspace Administration (CAC) published a list with descriptions of 30 algorithms – reports the BBC. Among them, those belonging to, among others to ByteDance – the owner of TikTok, Alibaba – the owner AliExpress, Tencent – the owner of WeChat, Baidu and Netease. Chinese row also stated that the list algorithms will be routinely updated to reduce data misuse.

From the published list, we can find out, among others that the Taobao algorithm “recommends products or services to users based on their digital footprint and historical search data”, or that the ByteDance algorithm for Douyin, the Chinese version TikTok measures user interest by what they click, comment on, what they “like” or “dislike”. So it is not extremely confidential information.

China. The government has more information than officially reported

However, Zhai Wei, executive director of the Competition Law Research Center at the East China University of Political Science and Law, said the information provided by China’s largest internet companies was “much more detailed than what had been published.” This is due to the fact that such data is directly related to business secrets and therefore could not be made public.

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