Three dead children on a beach in the USA. Their mother was found barefoot and soaked

New York Police informed that she received the application on September 12 at 1.30 at night. A Brooklyn resident called to say his relative may have hurt three young children.

The policemen went to the scene. In the building, they came across the father of one of the children, who confirmed the applicant’s fears. He reported that he thought the mother and children might be on the nearby seaside promenade. Soon after, policemen searched the grounds found a 30-year-old woman walking the promenade barefoot, completely soaked, accompanied by family members. The children, however, were not with her.

Police until At 5 a.m., by the shore, she was looking for children. Eventually, three unconscious babies, seven and four years old and three months old, were found. Their death was found in the hospital.

A 30-year-old mother of deceased children was questioned, but police say her responses failed to resolve the matter. The investigation continues.

Source: NBC New York

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