This will happen in the series “Forbidden Fruit” by the end of August. Who will Zeynep be kissing? [20.08.2022]

“Forbidden Fruit” is a Turkish soap opera, which at the end of June replaced the beloved by viewers series “Love and destiny”. The telenovela can be watched from Monday to Friday on Telewizja Polska. See what happens in the Turkish series through the end of August and the first days of September.

**This happened in the last episodes of “Forbidden Fruit”: ** Hakan urges Alihan to tell Zeynep that he loves her. Hakan wants Alihan not to let Zeynep go to America. Yildiz abandons Halit and wants a divorce, and Halit, in turn, orders Ender to move out. Ender wants to prove to Halit at all costs that she did not have an affair with Sinan. Zeynep finds a new job. Yildiz, who asks Halita for a divorce. He agrees. After signing for divorce, someone kidnaps Yildiz. What will happen in the next episodes that TVP will broadcast in August and at the beginning of September? Check!

See what will happen in the TV series “Forbidden Fruit” in the second half of August and the first days of September. In the gallery below you will find summaries of the next episodes of Turkish production.

“Zakazany Owoc” is a Turkish series which at the end of June 2022 replaced the beloved soap opera “Miłość i destacie” on the Polish Television. The new production from the Bosphorus tells the story of two sisters – Yilidz and Zeynep.

The lives of both girls are turned upside down when wealthy people and handsome businessmen stand in their way. The Turkish soap opera begins where Yilidz meets Ender Argun – a woman of high society who employs her in her home as a waitress and gives her an additional job.

You can watch the new soap opera from the Bosphorus from Monday to Friday on TVP 2 at 5:15 pm.

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