This was not in Biedronka! Now you can buy convenient kits for 24.99 via the website

Sets in Biedronka

From time to time, practical ones appear in the discount offer sets and kits. They quickly disappear from store shelves, so we often have to travel from store to store in search of them. This problem has been resolved – Biedronka also works on the Internet and you can now buy textiles, accessories, household appliances and even furniture via the Biedronka Home website.

Underwear sets are a practical and economical solutionUnderwear sets are a practical and economical solution photo: Shutterstock

The offer is still under development, but now you can buy your favorite lingerie sets at a great price. It is a great base in everyone’s wardrobe women – not only practical, but also economical. You will pay only 24.99 for a three-pack of airy cotton panties, and there are really many patterns. Biedronka’s offer also includes branded underwear, incl. brand UmbroLonsdale or Lee Cooper. Such packs are profitable to buy – sometimes a pair costs about 5 zlotys depending on the number of pieces.

In Biedronka, you will find not only sets pantiesbut also socks of the above brands. 3- or 5-piece sets are available from 12.99 in various color variants: it is a real treat for fans of a simple, minimalist wardrobe, as well as lovers of colorful, patterned socks.

You can also buy comfortable and similar sets in your favorite chain stores, where the offer is even richer. You will find both there underwear in basic style in neutral colors (blackgray, white or beige) and patterned underwear.

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