This is where the Ukrainians train before going to the front. A surprising Polish thread

– The war is started by professionals and reservists are coming to an end and I think that this war will also go on the same (…) This war is also our war in part – says Onet Andrzej K. Kisiel, former operator of the GROM special unit, who is now a reservists’ instructor in Ukraine.

– There are competitions here that we would never have imagined that someone could throw, for example, a theater, an opera or a university and grab a rifle – Kisiel told an Onet reporter.

– With each subsequent training, we try to eliminate major mistakes that may endanger the lives of the members. There are these mistakes, but after each pass, we make a discussion, during which we tell the trainees what needs to be corrected – said the former GROM operator.

– We must bear in mind that this training is very intensive, but also quite technically difficult. I am not able to give in a nutshell something that, for example, I have been learning for a long time, when soldiers in regular units learn it for months, sometimes even years (…) There is a war need, it varies, but here we must talk about the maximum scale of weeks . It is incomparable. This time is very little and we have to make up for it at the cost of lack of sleep, fatigue or contact with the family – he explained.

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