This is what Krystyna Loska looks like today. These photos are surprising! – Super Express

Krystyna Loska she was one of the biggest TV stars, her icon. But already in the 90s she decided to step back into the shadows. She led a quiet life until her beloved husband Henryk died six years ago. Then Krystyna’s heart broke. Almost literally. She had been suffering from them for years and had a heart attack shortly after her husband’s death. Fortunately, she quickly recovered, and even got pissed off that the media suggested that she was bad.

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– Contrary to what they write, I am in good shape. However, it is an unpleasant feeling when I look at the newspaper and read that I am seriously ill. And people around me are surprised that I stand and talk to them. Fortunately, I feel great, it is the most important thing for me and I am very happy – said Krystyna Loska.

It seems that good health and mood are still with her. Ms Krystyna Loska, who turned 85 a few weeks ago, has her hands full. We recently met her while she was running errands in the center of the capital. With a fashionable cream-colored jacket and neat hairstyle, she looked like she was about to appear on TV again. Meanwhile, she checked into a clinic, bakery and several other shops. And she didn’t need any help, or even a ride. The star drifts alone around the city in its elegant white car.

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