This is the first such vehicle. The Japanese created a flying motorcycle

The Japanese startup Aerwins has created the world’s first flying motorcycle. The machine was recently presented at the Detroit auto show.

The Hoverbike Aerwins XTurismo motorcycle breaks new paths on the market automotive. The originators of the project assume that the product may be available for sale in the US as early as next year. What are the possibilities of this amazing racer?

The only such machine in the world

The XTurismo is over 3.3 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. It weighs 299 kg and its load capacity is approx. 100 kg. Many parts of the vehicle are made of carbon fiber. The motorcycle is estimated to be in working order spend 30-40 minutes in the air and travel at a maximum speed of 97 km / h.

The machine was equipped with an engine Kawasakiwhose power has not yet been revealed. The makers of XTurismo say the birth of a flying motorcycle is “the beginning of a new journey into the future of transport”. The vehicle contains a set of sensors to ensure flight safety.

The XTurismo hovers above the ground by means of multiple propellers, making it appear to be a quadcopter-like structure. The engine is battery assisted. The noise of the power source, combined with the noise of the propellers, makes the vehicle very noisy. The producer, however, hopes that in the future, he will manage to reduce the number of decibels on his motorcycle.

A limited number of 200 vehicles will be delivered later this year. Serial production is set to begin when production costs and the associated product price decrease. Currently, the motorcycle is to be sold in the US for 777 thousand. dollars.

Due to US regulations, the use of XTurismo requires an aviation course. In addition, there are no regulations in the USA that would allow this type of vehicle to operate. At this point, recipients will only be able to use XTurismo on their private property. The situation is different in the country of the manufacturer – in Japan, a flying motorcycle could move in public spaces, and driving it does not require an appropriate license.

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