This is the current LM scorer table. Polish domination. There is no better duo

Robert Lewandowski leads the classification of the Champions League scorers after the first round of the group stage of the competition. Right behind his back is Piotr Zieliński. Poland is on top – there is no better duo of players from one country than two “White and Red” players.

Wednesday evening was special for Polish football fans. Robert Lewandowski scored a hatchet in the FC Barcelona match against Viktoria Pilzno (5: 1), and Piotr Zieliński recorded two goals and an assist against Liverpool (4: 1). Both players aroused the admiration of the media, which you can read more about HERE and HERE.

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The Polish national team, thanks to their goals, jumped to the top of the scorers’ ranking of this year’s Champions League. After the end of the first round of the group stage, Lewandowski is the first (he is the only one in this series of games to score three goals), and Zieliński, along with several other players, is right behind him.

Two goals, apart from “Ziel”, were also scored by: Erling Haaland from Manchester City, Kylian Mbappe from PSG, Richarlison from Tottenham and Marian Szwed from Shakhtar Donieck.

It is worth noting that the achievements of a total of five hits from the Lewandowski-Zieliński tandem are the highest if we take into account the goals scored by duets of players from one country.

“Lewy” and “Zielu” will get another opportunity to improve their shooting statistics in the Champions League arena next week. Barcelona will play against Bayern and Napoli against Rangers FC.

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