This is the backstage of the rescue operation during the FC Barcelona match. Doctor’s sincere confession

During the Cadiz game against FC Barcelona, ​​one of the fans fainted. As it turned out, he suffered a cardiac arrest. Other fans nervously called for the referee to stop the match and someone to help him. It just happened.

Now Dr. Sergio Salgado, who saved the fan’s life, revealed on Twitter the details of the whole action. “I am a doctor who treated a patient with cardiac arrest during the Cadiz – Barcelona match. After 48 hours of reflection and reading countless comments on social networks and in the press, I will try to analyze what happened,” he wrote.

Later he started writing about the details. “I do this only because of my moral integrity and because my civil liability as a citizen and professional emergency doctor forces me to reveal the truth. Those of us who work with such emergencies are tough people because of the situations that But this time my head is still thinking not about what happened, but about what could have happened and what might happen in the future “- he said.

“None of us doctors are in the stadium and we are not part of its healthcare system. Our team consists of a doctor and a nurse at Puerta Del Mar hospital, about a kilometer from the stadium. to a man suffering from a heart attack. On the way to the facility, we received confirmation, “he continued.

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