“This is my happiness”

What is happiness and how does it not miss it? I invite the philosopher Dr. Justyn Smole-Starowieysk to “Talks for a Better Tomorrow”, who claims that in pursuit of the ideal happiness described, among others, by the intellectual and philosopher Wadysaw Tatarkiewicz, we set ourselves the bar too high.

– Not only do we not always celebrate moments of happiness, but we do not always realize them at all. The very fact that I wake up in the morning, I am healthy and I have a healthy daughter is a great happiness, but in my daily routine I do not think this way. She says, “I’m happy,” only when something extraordinary happens. Why not see that happiness is part of the daily routine? – asks Smole-Starowieyska.

“Conversations for a Better Tomorrow” is a series of conversations which are a space to stop and reflect on what is most important in life. – You should focus on smaller, everyday happiness and sum it up. I would be arrogant if I said that I can do it, but I learn it, my interlocutor says.

I invite you to watch the conversation.

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“Conversations for a Better Tomorrow”. Justyna Smole-Starowieyska: It’s worth realizing: “This is my happiness”

Justyna Smole-Starowieyska. Doctor of Philosophy. He specializes in human philosophy, values ​​and culture. He defended his doctoral dissertation in this field in 2008. He lectures at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyski University in Warsaw. For several years, she practiced philosophical counseling.

Anna Kalita. A graduate of political science at the University of Wrocaw. Journalist. In 2016, she received an honorary mention at the Fact Art Festival and was nominated for the Grand Press in the investigative journalism category for her broadcast on TVN “ATTENTION!” “There is no justice here”, about the harm to Alzheimer’s patients in a nursing home, and in 2019 for the Newsweek Award. Teresa Toraska for texts on the trafficking of newborns in the People’s Republic of Poland, which appeared in Weekend.gazeta.pl. She is fascinated by people and their stories, and by the work that allows her to tell these stories. Contact to the author: [email protected].

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