This is how Viktor Orban wants to support Vladimir Putin “Sanctions do damage”

Fidesz plans to call for “national consultations” on energy sanctions, which – according to party representatives – were decided by the “Brussels elite” of the EU, reports the Associated Press agency.

“Sanctions do damage. They destroy Europe’s economy” Mate Kocsis, party deputy chairman, said. “We have to convince European decision makers, members of the elite, that they should not maintain energy sanctions, because it will cause big problems.”

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The “National Consultation” that Fidesz is planning is in fact an informal survey available to adult citizens Hungarian. It will be possible to fill it in in writing and send it by traditional mail or online. The Hungarian government is to announce the date of the poll soon. Orban’s party conducted similar “consultations” several times after coming to power in 2010. Sociologists and the opposition criticized them for their biased questions and lack of legal authority.

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