This is how the Russians run away from the surrounding Lyman [NAGRANIE]

On Friday morning, analyst of the US Institute of War Research (ISW) George Barros said that according to Russian sources, Lyman is surrounded by Ukrainian forces. In the previous days, the Institute of Military Affairs informed that Ukrainians are coming closer to the city. These observations were also confirmed by the American military expert Rob Lee, who said that Lyman may be recaptured “on Friday, and possibly on Saturday”.

Meanwhile, a video appeared on Ukrainian channels in social media showing Russian soldiers fleeing Lyman.

Ukrainian soldiers liberated the town of Novoselivka near the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region on Wednesday. On Thursday, in turn, they recaptured the village of Szandryhołowe, which is located about 15 km north of Łyman.

However, this is what the state of the front line in the vicinity of Łyman looks like at present.

The Ukrainian forces are regaining more localities, because after taking over most of the Luhansk oblast in early July, the Russian forces significantly slowed down the pace of the offensive in Donbas, and the fighting in eastern Ukraine took the form of a trench warfare. In the opinion of most analysts, the next goal of the Russians was the city of Bakhmut in the northern part of the Donetsk Oblast, but the Kremlin has not recorded any progress on this section of the front in recent weeks.

Therefore, as a result of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the front line has now stabilized near Lyman, which fell into Russia’s hands in May.

Source: Twitter, Onet

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