This is how Kasia Cichopek lives now. It is minimalist and classy

In the latest photo that appeared on Instagram, Kasia Cichopek relaxes on the couch with a cup in hand. The actress wears a cream sweater with green details and loose green pants. The perfect style for a quiet evening at home.

It is also worth paying attention to the actress’s surroundings. Bright colors dominate the apartment of Kasia Cichopek. The ivory-colored sofa and cream curtains optically enlarge the interior and give the impression of cleanliness and peace. Importantly, thanks to the warm shades, the room does not seem cold or impersonal. On the contrary – it is very cozy.

Kasia Cichopek herself looks in this photo as from the cover of a catalog.

It is worth recalling that recently the actress also praised her balcony. It is full of plants, but there is also room for a comfortable armchair. You can see that the actress likes to spend a lot of time here on warm days.

When browsing Kasia Cichopek’s Instagram, we can see that her entire apartment is decorated in a similar style. Bright colors prevail and there is no glamor. The actress likes simple, spacious interiors, which, however, cannot be denied the soul.

Everything is carefully thought out and buttoned up to the last button. The apartment looks straight from the catalog and is really impressive.

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