This is Charles III’s favorite dish. You will be surprised

Charles III, like Elizabeth II, is very careful about his diet. Former chef of the queen and royal family, Darren McGrady, said the king is a huge gourmand who always wants to know where the product is coming from. “I cooked a lot of lamb at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles took up organic farming before it was even invented,” recalled McGrady in 2020.

On the list of Charles III’s favorite products, we will certainly find cheese. In 2018, Kamila and Karol III were the guests of honor at the reception at the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which was hosted by the participants of the Australian MasterChef. In a short interview, Kamila revealed that her husband loves cheese in all its forms.

Charles III likes margherita pizza. Three years ago, during a trip to Scotland, chef Erminio Di Meo made a pizza for the then prince. The prince said, “This is my favorite,” Di Meo recalled.

However, Charles III’s favorite food is another Italian dish – risotto. And not just any – with the addition of mushrooms and lamb.

Source: Che Cucino

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