They will lose warm water in a dozen or so days. The radiators are already cold. Fight against time in Kopytkowo

Kopytkowo is a small village next to the Pomeranian section of the motorway A1. Today the former state-owned blocks of flats are in private hands. Hot water for radiators and taps was provided there by a boiler room, also bought by a private entrepreneur. In the summer its owner decided to close it. He explained in the media that due to coal prices, business not only stopped paying off, but also had to be paid a lot for it.

Inhabitants scared

Already in July, the residents of five blocks of flats were given the termination of the heat supply contract. They found themselves against the wall. Hot water is expected to stop flowing in the middle of October. As they admit in an interview with TOK FM, they see the future in black. – He does not go out in the evenings – shakes his head an older man. – A tragedy, really a tragedy, we already had a frost one night – he adds.

– Yesterday I brought a cylinder gas stove to heat the apartment, but this is not enough – we hear from another resident. – We are already very scared of all this, because the apartment is getting colder and colder. We, the young, will manage somehow, but many older people live here – adds another interested person.

– I have a lying mother with cancer. I have to heat it with an electric radiator. And the tap water will only be warm until mid-October, then what? – another inhabitant spreads her hands.

Gas stations are close

The gas stations next to the block are to save the situation. As officials of the Smêtowo Graniczne commune argue, this is the only way to provide the inhabitants with warmth. The tenants of the blocks had to establish housing communities, the commune negotiated the terms of the loan and a fixed gas price for three years. Work on the erection of the station has not yet reached the assembly stage.

– And so we are doing it quite quickly – convinces the mayor Anita Galant. – We have issued appropriate decisions, building conditions, designing is in progress. You have to go through all of these, the contractor acts on two hundred percent – he argues.

As the clerk adds, the technological adaptation of the old blocks is a challenge. When everything is calculated, designed and audited in the apartments, the assembly itself should be fast. – They said that then they would work day and night – he assures.

“Papierologia” and the first shovel

The fact that so far works are only being carried out on paper is worrying the inhabitants. Many of them do not believe that it will be possible to survive until the hot water is finally disconnected from the blocks. – Nothing is happening – shows us one of the residents. – The village administrator said something that she would be there for sure on October 15th. But for anything to be there, holes would have to be dug, and here not even one spade was put in the ground – he is surprised.

– I am talking to the residents, they are right – admits the head of the commune. – You just need to note that “papermaking” does not require this “shovel” – he reassures. However, it leaves a question mark over keeping the deadlines. – We will ask the managers of the boiler room whether – if we did not make it on time and needed an additional week of hot water – would agree to provide it to the inhabitants – he announces.

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