They were noticed in Ukraine. These are Finnish 120 KRH 92 mortars

The Ukrainian Armed Forces use Finnish KRH 92 mortars, reports the Militarnyj service. The appearance of this weapon at the front is puzzling as Helsinki did not announce that it would be delivered to the defenders.

The 120 KRH 92 is a towed 120 mm heavy mortar manufactured in Finland. The weapon has a rate of fire of 12-15 rounds / min, and the maximum effective range is 7.5 km. Let’s take a closer look at this construction.

Finnish mortars in Ukraine

120 KRH 92 were noticed in Ukraine for the first time. The fact that they are used by defense lawyers is evidenced by photos shared on social media. Finnish mortars have been produced since 1992 by the Vammas company belonging to the Ministry of Defense.

M.the maximum towing speed of the mortar is 80 km / h. According to MIlitarnyj, the ready-to-fight weapon weighs approx. 500 kg. 120 KRH 92 is operated by a crew of seven. The mortar can use fragmentation, smoke and lighting ammunition as well as training shells.

The mass of the fragmentation grenade used in this Finnish weapon must not exceed 12.8 kg. The muzzle velocity of the largest missile is 362 m / s. The pipe 120 KRH 92 is 2 meters long. Mortars are especially suitable for fighting in built-up areas and in the field, where they can be easily camouflaged. The purpose of this Finnish weapon is to support soldiers with indirect fire, as well as to smoke and illuminate the battlefield

Adam Gaafar, journalist for Wirtualna Polska

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