They tried to convince her that she was Russian. She grabbed the scissors [WIDEO]

Citizenship was imposed on her, and propaganda tried in vain to convince the woman for years that she was Russian, informs the State Border Service of Ukraine. In the film, a Ukrainian gets rid of her Russian passport once and for all – tearing out more pages. Thus, she made it clear that she did not want to have anything to do with the Russian Federation. The document with a red cover (the Ukrainian passport is dark blue) then went straight to the rubbish bin.

The State Border Service of Ukraine reveals that a young woman, who was only 10 years old, ie as a child, witnessed the Russians attacked Crimea in the second half of February 2014. Then for the following years they tried to convince her that she was Russian. “In vain” – replies the border service of Ukraine. The Internet users did not hide their joy, who in the comments under the eloquent video left a large number of two blue and yellow heart-shaped emoticons.

In Crimea, Ukrainian troops are planning a counteroffensive. On Monday, they appealed to citizens to prepare bomb shelters for themselves.

“We ask the inhabitants of the occupied territories, incl Crimean peninsula, to follow the instructions of officials. In particular, that they should prepare bomb shelters, stock up on the right amount of water and charge their powerbanks “- reads an excerpt from the message published on Twitter by Zelensky’s adviser Mykhailo Podolak.

There are also photos of posters in Ukrainian the colors hung in Crimea by the “Yellow Ribbon” movement. The authors, using various slogans, urge Ukrainians to evacuate from Crimea, reports the Ukrinform agency. First of all, they are to stay away from places with military facilities.

Source: State Border Service of Ukraine,

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