They thought he was going to work for Grbic. He chose a different path

Edyta Kowalczyk: Eight years ago you raised the cup for the world championship as the captain of the Poles, and now you are preparing for the World Cup as the coach of the German national team. You wouldn’t expect such a change of roles, would you?

Michał Winiarski (coach of the German national team): That’s why I never look far ahead. Life writes such different scenarios that I would not expect that, as a multiple participant in the world championship as a representative of Poland, I will return to them after many years as the coach of the foreign team. I am happy with what is here and now. We have an extremely difficult group with France, Slovenia and Cameroon, in which we are not the favorite, but we really want to reach the matches in Poland after the stage in Ljubljana.

When Nikola Grbić was to take over the Polish staff, many people connected you with his staff. Partly because of your acquaintance, but also because you are at the top of the list of Polish coaches who could be associated with the Polish national team in the future. Were you close to joining Grbit’s headquarters?

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