They showed the conditions under which the Russians were stationed. “Putin’s dogs are real pigs” [WIDEO]

Almost every day, information about how badly prepared the Russian army is for the war in Ukraine appears on the web. While Vladimir Putin announced mobilization, which is to cover 300 thousand. people, the biggest problem is its equipment. Soldiers get outdated, and often rusty, equipment from the times of the USSR.

The Ukrainian SBU published a video in which we can see that the conditions under which Russian soldiers are stationed in Ukraine do not correspond to the name of “military power” as Russia is considered to be.

In the video from the liberated Lubimówka, we can see the remains of Russian soldiers in a pigsty where pigs were still kept. “The occupiers shared a table and slept with pigs. But these were not all the finds. Among the dirt and stench were stolen washing machines …” – we read on the SBU profile.

“We appeal to those who came to our land with the war: while you are still alive, surrender! You will receive better treatment from us than from your commanders” – added.