They say “no” to the Russians. “We don’t want Russian tourists”

– On March 10, Lithuania decided to issue visas to citizens (Russia and Belarus) solely for humanitarian reasons or for other reasons resulting from international obligations. This is a solution that has proven to be effective and fair. But still too many European Union Member States have a different approach to this and we need to find a common solution, appeals Landsbergis.

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– Russian tourists who have been refused a (tourist) visa in the Baltic States can still apply for a visa in any other EU Member State.

– explains.

As he argues, In Lithuanian resorts, there is already a clear increase in the number of Russian touristswho entered the country with visas issued by other EU countries.

The Russians pounced on Schengen visas

Photo: Oksy001 / Shutterstock

The Russians pounced on Schengen visas

– And as air travel from Russia to Europe is now very limited, the Baltic States have also become a major transfer point for people traveling to Europe from Russia and Belarus – an attraction too easily accessible for those looking to enjoy a bit of the European way of life while support President Vladimir Putin’s war, Landsbergis reports.

They dismantled the Soviet monument - the T-34 tank

Photo: AP / Associated Press / East News

They dismantled the Soviet monument – the T-34 tank

– Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not want to welcome Russian guests, most of whom are supporters of Putin’s war – at least until Ukraine’s final victory. This contradiction over time can cause a rift between countries that still issue tourist visas and those that have already stopped (doing so). We must find a common and effective solution to make the visa ban as effective as possible, he concludes.

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