They ordered a monument and problems started. “There were different excuses every week”

The protagonists of today’s reportage are united not only by the fact that they experience pain after the death of a loved one, but also by the fact that they entrusted Marcin M., an employee of one of the Gniezno funeral homes, with the task of making the tombstone.

– He made a very positive impression and inspired confidence. He worked for a funeral home that has a good reputation and assured us that working for such a large company would not give a stain. That she will surely fulfill everything that is in the contract and that the work will be done honestly – recalls Żaneta Urbaniak and adds that she paid PLN 3,000 towards the monument. zloty. – It was supposed to be ready by August 5, 2021.

– The monument in the catalog was priced at PLN 5,350, but due to the fact that we paid in cash, which we managed to collect earlier, it gave us a discount. He said that it rarely happens that someone pays him the whole amount in cash, so he gave a discount and it was PLN 4,800 – says Dawid Witkowski.

The tombstone for Mrs. Żaneta’s father was not created on the agreed date, nor was the tombstone for Mr. David’s father.

– The first problem was the stone problem. He said that he cannot find a stone in the warehouse as I expect – says Mrs. Żaneta.

– When I asked why there was no monument, he said that he had forgotten to shorten the slab, because in the initial project the monument was 20 cm longer. His second excuse was an unwritten CD – says Mr. Dawid. And he adds: – Each subsequent excuse, it was blaming the weather conditions, or the rain was a problem or that it was too hot.

– Every week, the terms kept getting stretched and changed. When the deadline was on Monday, I got a message that she tested positive for COVID and unfortunately could not do the job. To this day, there is neither a monument nor money, regrets Żaneta.

According to the administrator of Gniezno cemeteries, the situation is unusual in that the stone companies erect monuments up to a month after the permit was issued.

– It never happens otherwise – says Przemysław Piechocki. And he adds: – I do not associate Marcin M. with the construction of tombstones, but rather as an employee of a funeral company.

funeral Home

To find out what the situation was, we went to the funeral home where Marcin M. works.

– Mr. Marcin is on sick leave and we want to give him a notice – says Jakub Kryskowiak, owner of the “Kryskowiak” funeral home.

– Marcin M. pressed tombstones to people, he did it without our knowledge. We found out about this later when families started to come to us. We heard that there is no monument and no money, and there is no contact to him. He was hooking up to our brand. We are more affected than these families. There is a campaign against us, and we cannot release him because he is on sick leave – adds Kryskowiak.

Justyna M.

Although Marcin M. concluded contracts for the execution of the tombstone with his clients, he did it under the authority of his wife Justyna, for whom the stonemasonry activity is registered. We visit the address where the company was supposed to be headquartered.

– Masonry? Transport? I don’t know anything about it, because nobody has lived there for some time. These people have moved out and I don’t know anything else. Letters come, but no one answers them – we heard from a neighbor.

After some time, we managed to find out the address of M.’s house. When we went there, nobody opened it.

One of the clients, after M.’s failure to comply with the contract for the construction of the tombstone, filed a civil suit for payment of money in court by proxy, and although the case was quickly won, it soon turned out that Justyna M., for which the stonemason’s activity is registered, formally does not own any property.

– The bailiff had nothing to collect money from. There was no property, be it movable or immovable. After several months of efforts by the bailiff, only PLN 800 was recovered and, unfortunately, the bailiff’s proceedings had to be discontinued due to the so-called ineffectiveness of the enforcement – admits attorney Radosław Szczepaniak.

– People who feel cheated have two legal options. First, they can withdraw from the contract and file a civil lawsuit. Secondly, they can submit a notification of suspected crime to the prosecutor’s office and then such a case is handled ex officio by the prosecutor, who may file a claim for compensation from these people as part of the case, explains Szczepaniak.

– I feel sad. I will probably wait a year for the new tombstone, because I have to raise money for the monument. Until there is resentment and resentment towards the gentleman from Gniezno, who deceived us in this way – concludes Mr. Dawid.

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