They had no mercy for Robert Lewandowski. They called him “dumb”

  • Robert Lewandowski successfully started his adventure at FC Barcelona
  • The Polish representative scored two goals in the match against Real Sociedad and was chosen the man of the match
  • The Spanish press does not spare praise for him, but a few weaker matches of “Lewy” will make journalists quickly forget about his good performances
  • However, Robert Lewandowski is used to it. He was hardened by years of playing in the Bundesliga and the reactions of the media there
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Polish experts on La Liga or former footballers who played on its pitches admit that there is one feature that connects Poles and Spaniards. We are in hot water, we want immediate effects and we like to move from wall to wall. In a word – either everything is top, or everything is a tragic catastrophe.

107 minutes were enough without a Lewandowski goal

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