“They fell really low.” The Ukrainian skater comments on the Russian absurdity for us

“They fell really low.” The Ukrainian skater comments on the Russian absurdity for us

The good results of Russian competitors in the international competition of figure skating have been obvious for many years. The dominance was visible above all in the competition of soloists, but over the years Russia began to be successful in sports and dance pairs, and was chasing the world faster and faster also among soloists.

The attack on Ukraine forced the International Skating Union not only to exclude the aggressor’s players from the most important struggles, but also to take away their right to organize international competition. There was outrage in the country, and the greatest figures of sport repeatedly expressed bolder theses in the media. There was no shortage of mockery, but also threats, as well as announcements of the imminent death of the sport without a Russian contribution.

In order to keep both viewers and their own players in the country, the Russians decided to create their series of prestigious Grand Prix competitions. The stages, of course, coincide with the dates of the struggle of the international version. The national competition suffers not only from the lack of world stars, but also from controversial judging.

A profile dedicated to the skating content of, one of the most important Russian sports sites, has published a poster on social media advertising one of the stages of the Grand Prix series for juniors. It would not be surprising, but the creators used a photo of the Ukrainian competitor – Anastasia Archypova. The profile is connected to a blog embedded and available just under the domain, at the bottom of the graphic you can also see the website’s logo.

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