They earn a lot not only in state-owned companies. Here are the salaries of managers in private companies

  • Being a manager is a lucrative job. In State Treasury companies, this position can earn up to several hundred thousand zlotys a month
  • However, according to the stock exchange reports of companies not controlled by the state, the earnings are quite good there as well
  • In smaller companies, managers draw an average of approx. 14 thousand. PLN per month. They are best paid in IT
  • More such information can be found on the main page of

Earnings of top managers can ignite the imagination. Especially those employed in state-owned companies. In PZU only in 2021, PLN 14.3 million was spent on board salaries. President Beta Kozłowska-Chytła earns the most. A year ago, her salary amounted to PLN 1.4 million, which gives PLN 116 thousand. PLN per month. Ernest Bejda, a member of the PZU management board, also earned a lot. His earnings amounted to PLN 1.3 million. Attractive salaries are provided for directors. In 2021, their remuneration amounted to PLN 705 thousand. PLN, or nearly 60 thousand. PLN per month.

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