They could be a great pride of LOT. Stuck in a desert in the US. Strange reason has published photos of two dreamliners (you can see them HEREinstead of flying, are parked unused in a parking lot in Victorville (a city in the United States, located in California). FLIGHT planned to pick up the last two dreamliners ordered in 2020 just before the outbreak of the pandemic. Airplanes they were even ready for collection. They had the appropriate markings and LOT colors. If Polish airlines received them, they would have a total of 17 long-haul aircraft, thus completing the first stage of the expansion of the wide-body fleet.

Dispute between LOT and Boeing. It’s about huge compensation

The reason for not picking up two Boeings is a dispute between LOT and the American company producing airplanes. Polish national airlines are demanding about $ 150 million from the manufacturer. compensation for the grounding of five LOT B737 MAX machines, which lasted almost two years.

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Boeing, on the other hand, does not want to pay compensation, claiming that under the lease agreement such a fee is not provided for technical problems of the aircraft. According to, the decision not to pick up two dreamliners may be part of the negotiating strategy in an ongoing dispute.

As a result, both Dreamliners got stuck parked by the manufacturer at Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville. The airport is located in the desert. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, it works well as a parking lot for airplanes for their long-term stops. In the photos of the website, you can see that both boeing they already have new American labels.



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