They caught him in the uniform of a lieutenant colonel. Media: A Russian general, commander of the West group, was taken prisoner by Ukraine

For several days, Ukraine has been conducting a dynamic counter-offensive in the Kharkiv direction, rapidly recovering the towns occupied by the Russians. A video appeared on the network showing a captured Russian officer and several other soldiers. Originally it was reported that the prisoner of war was “a lieutenant colonel in command of a special unit in the Kharkiv region”.

This morning, on Telegram, journalist Roman Boczkała informed that “Lieutenant Colonel” is actually a Russian Lieutenant-General Andrei Sychevoy, commander of the “West” Forces Group. Boczkała referred to the Austrian military analyst Tom Cooper.

There is information in the media that Sychevoy is the highest-ranking Russian officer taken prisoner since World War II.

The Ukrainian staff announced today that the enemy suffered significant losses, trying to evacuate the wounded and damaged equipment to the area of ​​the villages of Wilchuwatka and Borodojarske in eastern Ukraine.

The staff also informs that more than 15 cases were recorded during the day when Russian soldiers deserted “in civilian clothes”, trying to flee to their country’s territory.


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