They called her “the ugliest bride”. You won’t believe how much she has changed

They called her “the ugliest bride”.  You won’t believe how much she has changed

They called her “the ugliest bride”. You won’t believe how much she has changed

It has been known for a long time that Internet fame can be capricious and also has the other, worse side. They found out about it Elena and Boriswho posted their wedding photos on Facebook years ago. If they had known how the situation would develop, they probably would have thought twice about it, as their posts resonated widely on social media.

Elena and Boris published photos from the wedding. What happened to them still shocks me to this day

Many years ago about Elena and Boris heard millions of Internet users, and the woman was then titled “the ugliest bride in the world”. Commenters pointed out the couple’s “incompatibility”, but the interested parties themselves never doubted their love. The opinions of online screamers hit them hard, and the woman was shocked at how cruelly the media treated her.

Probably for this reason Elena decided to treat herself to a metamorphosis. The history of the couple is often mentioned in the media to this day, but the interested parties themselves have never sought fame and try to stay away from the portals that once brought them a lot of pain and disappointment. However, foreign journalists managed to find a photo of a woman after a spectacular transformation.

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“The ugliest bride in the world” then and now. Netizens can’t believe it

Today, Facebook pages and lifestyle websites write about how much she has changed Elena from Russia over 12 years. In the photo after the transformation, we can see that it is a woman she lost several pounds, which is supposedly due to gastric reduction surgery and liposuction. He also has long blonde hair now and is practically nothing like the person who was once insulted online.

What’s more, the couple was also expecting a child, which was supposed to be Elena’s biggest dream. How did their marriage go on? Many sources report that the marriage is together to this day. As the Facebook profile of Project Nightfall assures, the story of their lives has not been colored, and how far Elena has come can be an inspiration for many today.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Describing this story, it’s hard to hide my emotion – handed over.

What about the netizens? Today, the tone of the comments is completely different, and some still find it hard to accept the woman’s metamorphosis.

“I don’t believe it’s her”, “She looks like a different person”, “The Internet has given her complexes. I hope she’s happy today” – the entries sound.

See for yourself. A shocking transformation?

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