They boast about this purchase. Someone here doesn’t know the rules

Abramczyk Polonia convinced Benjamin Basso on a second attempt. The young and talented competitor refused for the first time, because he gave his word to the president of ROW Rybnik. Now he said to the Polish diaspora: yes.

The president of ROW released Basso from the word

In the meantime, so much has changed that the president of ROW told Basso that he did not want to block him, because it may turn out that he will not have a large number of starts. The regulations mean that a player such as Basso, if treated as a reserve for numbers 8 and 16, can only replace foreign players.

And here we go to Polonia, which boasts, and its fans are happy that someone like Basso will ride with them in the 2023 season. And only one of the fans cooled the mood by asking if anyone knows the rules here. Because the regulations mean that the backup Basso will be able to replace only David Beli, Andreas Lyager and Kenneth Bjerre. This means that Basso will drive little or not at all. Unless leaders fail. However, this would be bad news for the Polish diaspora.

Fast Versus. Zmarzlik has not yet said the last word/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Basso will not jump behind the weakest links

However, it is not possible for Basso to replace Daniel Jeleniewski, or the U-24, which is to be Szymon Szlauderbach. These may be the weakest links in the Polish community. But in such a situation, the citizens of Bydgoszcz should have contracted a young, talented Pole as a reserve. Preferably a junior, because he could replace everyone, including youth. Also, this question about the knowledge of the regulations is absolutely justified.

And Basso fell into the gutter from the rain. One president told him what it was like and gave him a free hand. The other one either didn’t know or kept silent about the number of appearances.

For information, we called the GKSŻ to ask about the Bydgoszcz example and we got a clear interpretation of the regulations for the next season: Basso, as a backup, will only be able to replace foreign players.

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