These two Russians have a problem. The Americans won’t let them go

The issue of the return of Russians with a Polish passport to PGE Ekstraliga becomes complicated. PZM has not yet received a legal opinion on what it would look like. There is also no 100% belief in the union leadership that this should even happen in a situation in which Putin’s army is killing people in Ukraine. And there is no indication that the armed conflict caused by Russia would end in the coming days or even weeks. President Vladimir Putin has just announced another mobilization.

The Russians are not only missing PGE Ekstraliga, but also the Grand Prix 2023

Artiom Łaguta and Emil Sajfutdinow, because they are mainly waiting for the union’s decision, until recently could have hoped that if PZM gave them the green light quickly, they would also have a chance to return to the Grand Prix. However, there is no indication that PZM made any decision before the GP Final in Toruń. This is important because this is where decisions are made to grant wild cards for 2023, and only such a return could the Russians count on.

However, we hear from one of the important activists of the Polish union that the delay in making a decision by the PZM has no significance for the fate of the Russians in the GP. Why? Because there is no indication that Discovery Sports Events, the American promoter of the cycle, was waiting for the Russians with open arms. And it doesn’t even matter that they have a Polish passport. The American government and President Joe Biden strongly support Ukraine in the fight against Russia, and it would be strange if at the same time a US company extended a helping hand to two slag riders from that country.

Fast Versus. Zmarzlik has not yet said the last word/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Polish clubs of Russians are already getting ready to ride without them

By the way, the lack of starts in the GP in the 2023 season is the least of Łaguta and Sajfutdinov’s worries at the moment. PZM, although considering their return, still has not made any decisions. If the legal expertise allows Polish Russians to start under a neutral flag, their chances will increase. Another thing is that there is no unanimity among the people who will influence the final decision. For now, the odds of the Russians are 50 out of 50.

Betard Sparta Wrocław, which is counting on the return of Łaguta, secured itself by signing a contract with Piotr Pawlicki. On the other hand, For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń, according to our information, is wondering about Max Fricke. That’s in case Saifutdinov can’t come back.

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