These jackets will be very fashionable in fall and winter! White with Reserved breaks popularity records

Shirt jackets have been an autumn hit for several seasons and an interesting alternative for leather jackets or denim. They were loved due to their practicality and versatility. On warmer days, they are perfect as an outer covering. However, when the temperature reaches zero, they can be used as an additional layer, e.g. under the coat. Invariably Checked shirt jackets are in the leadwhich is still one of the most fashionable designs. There are also proposals in shades of white or brown. It’s time to check which models are the most popular and how to create an interesting, autumn outfit.

The most fashionable shirt jackets of this season

Very often Shirt jackets are called shirt jackets, or shacket for short. It’s hard to find a more accurate term, because it defines exactly what we are dealing with. The most popular models resemble an ordinary flannel shirt, with a slightly masculine cut, the difference is primarily insulation. Thanks to it, it is perfect for the turn of the seasons, when the weather is very changeable.

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As in the case of coats or traditional jackets, oversized jackets are also very fashionable here, great for putting on several layers. A shirt jacket will look good with very casual clothes such as jeans and T-shirt. In this way, you will refer to the American style of the 90s. However, nothing prevents that connect shacket to dress. In this way, you will break the styling with a touch of nonchalance. Slightly longer shirt jackets can be tied with a belt at the waist and shape the silhouette. At the same time, you can create a variation on the traditional theme mouth.

Put on a plaid in the fall. Photo House

Where to find the popular shirt jackets?

Of course, there were shirt jackets in the well-known chain stores. You can find a lot of choice in House. The brand offers classic models with a multi-colored check. They also appear imitation leather shackets, which are also very fashionable this fall. For people who like bold solutions, House has prepared a leopard print model. Retro-style shirt jackets made of corduroy are also noteworthy. They will diversify and enrich the stylization. For colder days, you can choose quilted jacket shirt in a floral pattern.

Reserved offers interesting leather model in a beautiful shade of green, and for lovers of the classics, it offers bronzes. Among the brand’s autumn proposals, we have a lot of shirt jackets in neutral, subdued colors, e.g. white or beige. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the model you have chosen will not come out of use for a long time fashion.

Non-obvious solutions to light.Non-obvious solutions to light. Photo House

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