These celebrities have no plans to baptize babies. Maidan gave a specific reason

There are topics that always evoke great emotions among Poles, and one of them is the resignation from the baptism of a child, which is being decided by more and more public figures. Words had caused quite a storm lately Radosław Majdanwho assured v an interview for “Przegląd Sportowy”that he would not baptize his two-year-old son. Let’s add that the footballer’s wife Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan many months ago she made a reservation that she did not plan to baptize her son. The husband of the “Perfect Lady of the House”, referring to the controversial content of the textbook on history and the present, which compared children born thanks to the method in vitro for breeding dogs, stated:

People turn their backs on the Church because of these kinds of comments. They have turned in Ireland, in Australia, they will turn around in us“- judges Radosław Majdan.

The words of the footballer, of course, caused a lot of controversy, as did the statements of other stars and celebrities who also decided not to baptize their children. How did they argue it? They had various reasons, which we write about below.

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These celebrities do not want to baptize children

Anna Mucha

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