There will be a change in seed subsidies

The Ministry of Agriculture is working on changing the regulations on subsidies to seed. What adjustment does it envisage?

In mid-August this year. The Polish Association of Cereal Plant Producers asked Deputy Prime Minister Henryk Kowalczyk to intervene on this year’s seed subsidy rates and on general provisions regulating seed subsidies in our country.

The union proposed, inter alia, to consider another method for determining the amount allocated to the seed aid for future years.

– Currently, a predetermined amount distributed among all applicants for subsidies is not a strong enough support for producers. (…) In our opinion, it would be best to determine the amount of subsidies applied by the state by adopting a predetermined rate of subsidies per 1 hectare – noted Stanisław Kacperczyk, president of PZPRZ.

There will be a change in the subsidies to the qualification

As can be seen from the answer given by Deputy Minister Lech Kołakowski, Currently, the ministry is carrying out legislative work on the draft regulation of the Council of Ministers specifying fixed, known in advance, payment rates for 1 ha of arable land sown or planted with seed of the elite or certified category.

We resign from the annual determination of the rates of subsidies in the regulation issued after the ARMA finishes the call for subsidy applications – informed Lech Kołakowski.

As he added, in the proposed regulation higher than in the case of conventional material, the rate of subsidies for the area of ​​arable land sown or planted with seed of the basic or certified category, produced in accordance with the principles of organic farming, will be specified (so-called ecological seed).

What will the surcharge rates be?

– The amount of the rates will be determined at the level determined by the limit of de minimis aid in agriculture available for Poland and the amount of budget funds – emphasized the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

When determining the amount of rates, the criterion of the availability of subsidies for all applicants and the availability of funds under de minimis aid for all mechanisms financed under these measures, such as, for example, subsidies for liming agricultural land and the so-called disaster relief.

After being prepared, the draft regulation will be submitted for public consultation.

Joint promotional campaigns regarding the advantages of using the qualification are needed

As Lech Kołakowski notes in the magazine, in the years 2007-2021, farmers were paid subsidies in the total amount of PLN 1,255,987 thousand. zlotywhich made it possible to increase the level of seed exchange and keep it at a similar level throughout the entire period of the subsidies.

– It is worth noting that financial incentives have a limited impact resulting from the limited availability of budget funds and the limits of de minimis aid in agriculture (an individual limit for an agricultural producer and a national limit) – emphasizes the deputy minister.

And admits: – The use of certified seed, as it has been noticed in your letter (PZPRZ letter – editorial note), has a significant impact on the economic result of agricultural activity. Good quality seed is the cheapest means of production and the most environmentally friendly yield factor.

In the opinion of Lech Kołakowski, in addition to financial incentives, valuable support for activities aimed at increasing the exchange of seed material and thus improving the economic results of farms, improving the quality of agricultural products and improving the quality of the environment, could be joint promotional campaigns of high-quality certified seed undertaken by associations of agricultural producers and breeders. As a good example of such an initiative, the deputy minister mentioned the LOZ RZEPAK SOJA smartphone application.

As follows from the list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers, the assumptions of the draft regulation of the Council of Ministers on the rates of subsidies per 1 ha of arable land sown or planted with seed of the basic or certified category or organic seed of the basic or certified category have already been published.


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