There were and there aren’t. Big events that have disappeared from the Tri-City

The inhabitants of the Tri-City are unlikely to complain about the lack of entertainment and cultural events, which can be seen, for example, in ours Calendar of events – it is full of concerts, performances, meetings and sports attractions. This does not mean, however, that cool events that are popular do not disappear from the space. Below is a list of festivals that many people have been waiting for and willingly participated in every year. Do you remember them? Have you ever noticed that they are no longer organized?

Upcoming festivals in the Tri-City

Gdańsk Carries a Muse (2009-2018)

A cyclical event that changed its formula several times over the years – itself was an extended continuation of the concerts as part of the Music Summertaking place every weekend in July.

The first edition of GDM took place in 2009, and each subsequent one proposed something completely different. This was the case, for example, when the MTV station joined the organization and brought foreign artists to the stage, but reduced the festival to two days. A year later, the event was already dominated by dance music. In the following years, moreover, dance and workshops with the best choreographers became the hallmark of the event.

The organizers tried to keep up with the fashion and tried to adjust each edition to what is currently most listened to – perhaps that is why GDM was on the one hand such an interesting phenomenon on the entertainment map of Gdańsk, but also very uneven and chaotic. In his best times, however, he was able to attract real crowds to Plac Zebrań Ludowych.

The last edition took place in 2018, and in 2019 the Gdańsk authorities decided to liquidate the festival.

Beach Party Gdynia 2008

– “Viva On Saturday, July 31st, Club Sopot is organizing an event called Saturday Beach Party Sopot 2004. A huge stage will be set up on the beach in front of the club. The sky will light up special spotlights, 30 dancers straight from Ibiza will be dancing all night long. That night they will play, among others DJ Dean, DJ Peran Van Dijk “- this is how we announced the first edition of the Beach Party in Sopot in 2004, an event that quickly extended the formula to two days and moved to the beach in Gdynia a year later.

The best representatives of world club music played as part of the Beach Party. The moving stage with a catwalk, which was growing every year, on which the organizers assured, dancers from Ibiza was also impressive., then the Mecca of partygoers from all over Europe. The whole was complemented by laser and pyrotechnic shows as well as huge screens, LED curtains and visualizations.

Yach Film Polish Music Videos Festival (from 1991 to 2016 in Gdańsk)

Yach Film Festival in Sfinks in Sopot (1996)

Another local a phenomenon on a European scale – such events, despite the huge popularity of music videos and music stations, were simply not organized. In the 90s in Poland Yach Film Festival was such an important cultural event that it was broadcast by major TV channels, and the winning clips were then talked about for weeks.

It all started in Bydgoszcz in 1989, when Yach Paszkiewicz and his wife Magda Kunicka for the first time, they organized a competition for the best music video. In 1991, the event moved to Gdańsk and lasted here until 2016. In 2017, Yachts went to Opole, and in 2019 to Łódź.

Unfortunately, after 2010, the rank of the Yachs began to decline, and finally ceased to be a nationwide phenomenon. One of the reasons was Paszkiewicz’s death in 2017, dedicated to the idea of ​​a man who did everything to make the competition count in the industry. However, really Yachy have become a victim of a changing pop culture and its audience. It was time that verified them and showed that the fashion for music videos, as well as for TV stations broadcasting them, such as MTV, has been irretrievably gone.

The most famous Tri-City bands of the 90s.
The most famous Tri-City bands of the 90s.

Good Humor Festival (2000-2014)

A cyclical event attended by the most popular Polish comedians, comedians and comedy actors, it enjoyed great interest among the inhabitants of Gdańsk for a long timeespecially since it was accompanied by additional and, what is important, free attractions for residents, such as: feasts, outdoor cooking shows, film screenings and parades.

Recent editions, however, were so poor in terms of programming and closed to viewers that few people were interested in the event. For example, as part of the 11th Festival of Good Humor, only four events were prepared, of which only two were open to the public. The last edition of the festival in 2014 was shortened from a few days to just one afternoon. Poor reviews of local media only confirmed the organizers that there is no point in going back to it format.

Good Humor Festival: a big flop, not a big comeback
Good Humor Festival: a big flop, not a big comeback

Another holiday festival that has disappeared from the Tri-City calendar for good (it has been held in Zamość since 2020). It is a pity for him, because it was a unique opportunity to watch the best productions of the Polish Television Theater and listen to the most interesting radio plays as well as meet outstanding actors. There was a time when Two Theaters had only positive associations, attracting Tri-City residents and tourists, offering ambitious entertainmentwhich suited the climate of Sopot.

The last Sopot edition was mainly for the initiatedAlthough the program was full of projections and radio plays, the low attendance was telling. Responsible for it were, among others organizers who in 2019 did not really try to promote their event: they advertised the event only on their antennas and broadcasting stations, without reaching many potentially interested people at all.

Baltic Games (2008-2019)

Extreme emotions at the Energa Stadium in Gdańsk

It was the first festival for extreme sports enthusiasts in the Tri-City. What was not there! There were evolutions on cross motorcycles, skateboard competitions on a huge skatepark, dance battles and concerts, in short: an effective spectacle lasting several days. Over the years, the formula of the event was so attractive that it attracted participants from all over Europe to Gdańsk. Until finally a pandemic came and grounded the festival, which was removed from the calendar for good.

Despite the end of the adventure with the Baltic Games, the organizers did not cut themselves off completely from extreme sports and began to organize the Freestyle Heroes series in Poland, which recently also hosted the Tri-City.

I inhale exhaust fumes, the taste of gasoline in my mouth.  Freestyle Heroes in Ergo Arena
I inhale exhaust fumes, the taste of gasoline in my mouth. Freestyle Heroes in Ergo Arena


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