There is no trace of the former Sablewska street. It was obvious on the wall

There is no trace of the former Sablewska street.  It was obvious on the wall

There is no trace of the former Sablewska street. It was obvious on the wall

Maja Sablewska appeared at the press conference of the Reme brand. For the event, she put on a patterned suit in subdued colors. It was a hit.

A plethora of stars appeared at the Reme press conference, including new brand ambassador Marieta Żukowska, Joanna PrzetakiewiczMalgorzata Ohme, Catherine Warnke and Maja Sablewska. Women opted for elegant stylizations. Sablewska decided on a women’s suit, an element of clothing that has been dominating the walls lately.

Maja Sablewska in an original suit

You can see that Maja Sablewska does not blindly follow trends. For the event, Reme chose a suit, but it is not a model with a cut-off jacket or in an intense color. Former star agent, and now a stylist decided to suit in muted shades of beige and with an original floral pattern. However, she knew that in order to dress fashionably, she had to bet on trousers with flared legs. Under the jacket (which could be a bit shorter, so as not to optically shorten the legs) she put on a white blouse, and the whole look was completed with black leather shoes.

Maja Sablewska in a patterned suit
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Maja Sablewska in a patterned suit

Maja Sablewska on aesthetic medicine

Maja Sablewska looked sensational. She seems to be comfortable in her own skin. She exuded confidence. Perhaps this positive energy is caused by a change in appearance, specifically turning away from aesthetic medicine.

– I made a lot of mistakes while experimenting with aesthetic medicine, a lot. I thought it was the pursuit of perfection so I could look better, better, better, and looking better was just loading up more fillers and so on. Until at some point I met a specialist on my way who said: “We need to turn it all around now, we need to change it all, we need to dissolve it all,” Sabelwska confessed in the podcast at The Journalist.

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Maja Sablewska evaluates Agata Duda’s style

Maja Sablewska confessed that she had returned to her natural appearance over the past two years.

– I decided to disappear from the media and reverse this process of improving my beauty to the most natural way possible. In two years, in small steps, hiding it in the media, I did it. I am proud of it. It gave me such self-confidence and so strengthened my value, because I realized that I can just make a lot of mistakes in life, but it’s important that I can admit them and be able to fix them.

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