There is another photo of Benedict XVI. “It breaks my heart when I see him like this”

There is another photo of Benedict XVI. “It breaks my heart when I see him like this”

In April, the retired Pope turned 95. He was the head of the Catholic Church from April 19, 2005 to February 28, 2013. He resigned from his ministry after 2,873 days of his pontificate. Currently, Benedict XVI lives in the Matter Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican Gardens, where the latest photo was taken. Looking at them, it can be noticed that the senior has lost weight.

Some try to explain the form of the retired pope by his age, considering such a state to be natural. Eventually, in 2020, Benedict XVI became the oldest pope in history. However, there are many voices suggesting that there is a disturbing health behind Ratzinger’s weight loss.

Faithful followers of the foundation’s profile have recently noticed a detail in the previous photo of Benedict XVI. One of the internet users pointed out that the senior pope was wearing a wristband, which, in her opinion, could be used to monitor his vital functions.

The latest photo was posted on November 9.

Comments from worried believers appeared under the foundation’s post

It breaks my heart to see him like this

God help him. His suffering is for all of us. Thank you with all my heart

May the Lord God Almighty make him stay as long as possible among those who love him

Recently, the world has heard that the senior pope has expressed his readiness to stand trial in Bavaria and defend himself against the accusation that he was hiding a pedophile priest when he was Archbishop of Munich. More on this you can read here.

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