There is a statement by the Germans. It is a lethal weapon for Ukraine

“We keep our promise. Two more Mars II rocket launchers will be delivered to Ukraine [M270 MLRS wyrzutnia rakiet red.] and 50 Dingo [APC Dingo opancerzony pojazd wojskowy red.]” reads the official statement on September 19 this year. the Ministry of Defense German.

A few days earlier, on September 15, the head of the ministry Christine Lambrecht announced that in addition to military machines, the Ukrainian army will also receive 200 missiles for rocket launchers. “Dingo have proven their effectiveness and will make a significant contribution to the protection of the military” she said, quoted by “Bild”.

Dingo is a machine that weighs 12 tons. It can accelerate up to 90 km per hour and overcome various obstacles along the way. The military uses, inter alia, for patrolling occupied areas, as well as for carrying out reconnaissance in areas where enemy units are stationed, e.g. complete information about their location. It can carry a grenade launcher or a small cannon.

Mars II, on the other hand, is a weapon very similar to the HIMARS launcher. Euromaidan Press describes it as the German equivalent of HIMARS. Local journalists also report that the machine is capable of launching rockets at a distance of up to 40 km. The speed of the vehicle is 64 km / h and it can weigh over 25 tons with its load. The machine is capable of carrying up to 12 rounds.

HIMARS, US-made high-mobility rocket launchers, pose a huge threat to Russian soldiers. Meanwhile, Mars II is a very similar weapon.

An example is the night of August 7-8, when American missile systems were used to destroy Russian military equipment located in various parts of the Zaporizhia region. The invaders also lost 100 soldiers.

“Tonight has produced the best results and shows that the enemy air defense troops left behind are unable to counter the HIMARS.” then confessed Ivan Fedorov, who had been the mayor of Melitopol since 2020.

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