There is a disturbing forecast for the fall. Poland is a green island, but it will not be so good everywhere

  • Autumn forecasts for Europe assume high temperatures in the western and central parts of the country. Unfortunately, from Germany and the south of Great Britain to part of Italy and the Iberian Peninsula, the continuation of the gigantic drought and fires is announced
  • In Northern Europe, including Poland, the second half of autumn may bring more frequent blows of windy and rainy lowlands
  • In the south-east of the Old Continent, after a warm and dry start, the chance of Mediterranean cyclones with heavy rainfall may increase over time
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According to current forecasts weather autumn, mainly in western and central Europe, it will be warm. Tyler Roys, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather predicts that at least the first part of the fall will bring in the area temperatures up to 1-2 degrees C above average. Only around November will the mercury bars start showing values ​​closer to the norm.

From Italy, Spain and Portugal to Germany and even the south of Britain, warm weather will go hand in hand with a lack of rainfall. Synoptics fear that sometimes drought it will reach the largest size in decades, and record low water levels will affect river transport and water supply. Little rain and prolonged heat can cause it as well longer fire season, especially in south-west Europe.

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A different weather pattern is projected in northern Europe. The beginning of autumn promises to be dry there, but over time over Scandinavia and partly Great Britain will begin to move deep lows from rainfall and strong wind. During rainstorms, strong temperature drops are also forecast. At the end of autumn, many wet episodes are also waiting for residents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Fall weather forecast according to AccuWeatherFall weather forecast by AccuWeather –

It is possible that some precipitation will be accompanied by very strong gusts of wind and storms. Meteorologists believe that up to three low lows may hit Europe in the coming months remnants of tropical hurricanes.

The Balkans, Greece and parts of Italy will not experience favorable weather this fall. Only initially expected are still high there temperatures and plenty of sun, which will aggravate the catastrophic drought. However, there is a chance that in the second half of the season it will be softened by heavy rainfall associated with “medicans”, or the Mediterranean equivalent of hurricanes. Experts point out that this is an uncertain scenario, albeit plausible as the Mediterranean Sea is extremely warm this year.

Autumn in Poland will also sometimes show its cloudy and rainy faceAutumn in Poland will also sometimes show its cloudy and rainy face – Wojciech Wrzesien / Shutterstock

According to weather forecasters, such lows, although dangerous, may be in the fall “the only hope to free Europe from persistent drought”. They emphasize that in recent months only the Baltic countries have recorded moderate or intense rainfall and this is the only place in the Old Continent where the risk of fires or drought remains low.

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Source: AccuWeather


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