There is a building permit for the next section of the new expressway to the seaside

Road workers obtained permission to build the S7 expressway on the section between the Modlin and Czosnów junctions. The contractor will carry out works on the approximately 10-kilometer section of the route. The hitherto two-lane road will be widened.

“The Mazovian Voivode issued a permit for the implementation of a road investment for an approximately 10-kilometer section of the S7 expressway between Modlin and Czosnów junctions,” informs the Warsaw branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. This investment is one of the three tasks related to the construction of a new expressway between Płońsk and Czosnów.

The contractor will replace the existing two-lane road with a new road with three lanes. Additionally, two existing road junctions will be expanded: Modlin and Błonie. The bridge over the Vistula River in Zakroczym will also be expanded, with three lanes in each direction. “The structure of the facility will also be supplemented with a sidewalk (along the line towards Warsaw) and a bicycle path (along the route towards Gdańsk). In addition, parallel roads will be built to support the adjacent area, as well as environmental protection and road safety devices” – we read in the release .

GDDKiA points out that, in accordance with the contract, the contractor could choose the type of surface. He decided to build the main route in bitumen technology. “The road will meet the highest quality, functional and operational criteria and parameters” – stress the road builders.


The contractor wants to extend the deadline for completing the works

Budimex is responsible for the construction of the expressway between Modlin and Czosnów. It won the tender in the Design and Build formula. The contract worth almost PLN 599 million was signed in May 2020.

According to the contract, the investment should be completed by the end of 2023. It turns out, however, that the deadline may not be met. “The contractor has submitted claims in which he expects an extension of the time for completion and additional financial resources. They relate, inter alia, to the long-term procedure of obtaining a ZRID decision. the completion date may be postponed “- GDDKiA reports.

Location of the S7 route between Płońsk and CzosnówGDDKiA

More S7 episodes are in preparation

Road workers remind that the construction of 35 kilometers of the expressway was divided into three tasks, and contracts for implementation were signed in 2020. For the Zaluski – Modlin task on 9 July, and for the Siedlin – Załuski section on 30 September.

“For these two sections, the Mazowiecki Voivode is conducting administrative proceedings aimed at issuing the ZRID decision. We expect to receive the decision at the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2022, which will enable the commencement of field works. Completion of works for these two sections is scheduled for spring / summer 2025. “- stated in the press release.

GDDKiA reminded that for the Czosnów – Kiełpin section documents are being prepared for the tender announcement for the design and construction of the route. The tender procedure is to be announced later this year. On the other hand, for the Kiełpin – Warsaw section, the documentation necessary to announce the tender for the next stage of the investment is being prepared.

“On November 16, 2021, the General Director for Environmental Protection considered appeals against the environmental decision for the construction of this section according to variant II. Currently, proceedings are pending before the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw regarding the challenged decision of GDOŚ. This means that the final environmental decision gives us the green light to obtain financing for the investment. We will be able to provide the timetable for its implementation after obtaining the funds “- GDDKiA points out.

We also informed about the lifting of the tonnage limit on the Warsaw Southern Bypass:

Flight over the Southern Bypass of Warsaw

Flight over the Southern Bypass of WarsawTVN24

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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