Thefts of coal, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels

Thefts of coal, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels

The number of burglary thefts is increasing. In this course, criminals are tempted not only by RTV equipment, but also by expensive fuel, photovoltaic installations and heat pumps. The more thefts, the higher the real estate insurance prices, especially for holiday homes.

Expensive fuel keeps thieves warm. When will you not get your compensation?

Recently Police more and more often it informs about the increasing thefts of fuel. Undoubtedly, very high factors have an impact on the above state prices purchase and supply shortages. Fuel materials, e.g. coal or wood we can insure against possible random events, but unfortunately the theft is excluded from the liability of insurers in most companies. If we can find protection, it will be subject to several important conditions.

– To get compensation for the theft of fuel, it is primarily required to store it only in a designated home room, not on the property, even if it is tightly fenced. It is also necessary to have appropriate anti-theft security measures. In some companies, we can also insure fuel as household inventory as part of its equipment. Then the insurer’s liability will cover the risk of theft and robbery – says Paweł Bukowski from CUK Ubezpieczenia.

Protection of photovoltaics – alone or as part of a home policy

Thieves are also tempted by expensive ones installations solar farms and heat pumps, more and more popular elements of home infrastructure. Properly constructed policy property will allow you to comprehensively protect yourself against the negative consequences of such events, but also protect yourself against frequent acts of vandalism. As a standard, we will insure photovoltaic installations installed or permanently installed inside or outside the building and thermal machines permanently connected to the ground.

– Solar panels or heat pumps can both be protected under a general policy for real estate, raising the sum insured for walls or permanent elements, and independently. In the second case, however, we will pay a dozen or so zlotys more for protection. The extension to the risk of theft and devastation will also involve an increase in the premium. However, it is worth doing it because it is incurred costs will be disproportionate to the consequences of a possible crime – emphasizes Paweł Bukowski from CUK Ubezpieczenia.

They grow costs real estate insurance

According to police statistics, last year there were nearly 72 thousand people in the country. burglary. Most took place in the following voivodships: Śląskie, Dolnośląskie and Mazowieckie – approx. 10 thousand each. There were 4.5 thousand of them in Wielkopolska. The safest in this respect turned out to be Podlasie and the province. Podkarpackie – a total of approx. 2.8 thousand people were committed here such crimes. However, since the beginning of this year, the number of thefts with break-in has increased in virtually every location. For example, in the first half of the year in Warsaw, their number was 8 percent. higher compared to the same period in 2021. In Lublin, the increase was 22 percent, and in Poznań as much as 30 percent. Although the detection rate is also gradually increasing, still nearly half of the crimes never end with catching the perpetrators, not to mention regaining the lost property. All of this is important for current insurance prices real estate.

– The Dolnośląskie Voivodeship and the Silesian agglomeration are places where the average insurance rates in September this year real estate exceeded PLN 400 and were among the highest in the country. In the case of Wielkopolska, it was less than PLN 390, and PLN 360 in Mazovia. Cheaper, because in the amount of PLN 335, the owners of houses and apartments in the Lublin region paid for the protection. Nevertheless, in this location, as well as in the province. In Greater Poland, prices went up by 18% compared to January, i.e. twice as much as the national average. It had an impact on the above state of affairs not only inflationbut also statistics on the number of thefts – analyzes Paweł Bukowski from CUK Ubezpieczenia.

Holiday home insurance only against named risks

Summer houses are undoubtedly among the most exposed to burglary and the risk of vandalism and devastation, which in the fall and winter season are practically not used by their owners. Unfortunately, this factor determines the level contributions insurance. Nevertheless, these properties should own insurancewhich will cover both random events and criminal activities.

– The holiday house and its permanent elements can be insured on the same policy as the proper one property. When concluding protection, however, we can only choose the option based on the risks named in the GTC. And so for a building with a brick structure and an exemplary value of PLN 100,000. PLN should be taken into account with the level contributions within PLN 380 per year. On the other hand offer Insurance including random events and the risk of theft, it costs about PLN 449 per year – sums up Paweł Bukowski from CUK Ubezpieczenia.


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