The Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant has ceased to operate. “Disconnect at 3:41”

“Today, on September 11, 2022, at night, at 3.41 am, unit No. VI of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant was disconnected from the electricity grid. Preparations are underway for its cooling down and bringing it to a cold state” – reads the release.

The company that manages Ukrainian nuclear power plants noted that in the last days, unit 6 produced only energy for the purposes of the power plant. It was the last block in operation at the power plant. As it was added, all lines connecting the facility with the Ukrainian power grid were damaged in the Russian shelling.

On Saturday evening, after restoring the operation of one of these lines, it became possible for the power plant to obtain energy for its own needs from the Ukrainian grid. “Therefore, a decision was made to shut down the 6th power unit and move it to the safest state – cold shutdown “- underlined.

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