The “Wounded Birds” series will take place in the second half of September. Cemil will confess his love to Ayse? [15.09.2022]

“Zranione birds” is a series that is broadcast from Monday to Friday on TVP 2. In the second half of September, in the series “Hurt birds”: Levent can not believe that Meryem crossed everything and left him and Ömer. Ayse proposes to Cemil for divorce. Cemil is devastated and cannot believe it. Levent seeks solace in alcohol and when he gets drunk, he instigates a fight with a random man in a bar. Durmus learns from Selma that Nurgul has been arrested at the airport for past crimes. What else will happen in the series “Wranione birds”? You can read the abstracts under the photos in the gallery.

It will happen in the second half of September in the series “Hurt birds”: Tekin realizes that Meryem disgusts him and goes berserk. Levent starts to think straight. He decides to spare Omer another bad experience and with the thought of him, despite his wounded heart, decides to pick up and live a normal life. Melis tries in vain to get Levent’s attention. Meanwhile, he only thinks about Meryem, he is furious with her, especially when he sees how unhappy she has made little Ömer. Asli is fed up with being a maid in the mansion, she dreams of being the mistress of the house with Bahadir. Melis goes out of her way to get Levent’s attention.

Check what will happen in the second half of September 2022 in the series “Hurt birds”. Abstracts and photos can be found in the gallery

The original title of the series is “Yaralı Kuşlar”. It premiered in 2019. On TVP 2, the soap opera can be watched at 6:45 PM from Monday to Friday. According to Wikipedia, 165 episodes (one series) were broadcast in Turkey. The episodes on Polish television are about 45 minutes long. One episode of the Turkish original is about 55 minutes long, so the Polish and Turkish numbers do not match. The series is also available in the VOD service on the TVP website.

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