The worst ideas of the gaming industry? here they are!

The worst ideas of the gaming industry? here they are!

Once in a while, the best brains in the industry will come up with an idea. Sometimes it is revolutionary and changes the image of the world of video games for several years to come. Other times it’s just the opposite. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of bad ideas and it often takes a long time for someone to finally master it. Today’s ranking will be about this – the worst ideas of the industry in recent years (roughly three generations of consoles).

There are a lot of weak concepts, so the following list may have missed something. So if you have a good idea, let me know in the comments.


We start the ranking inconspicuously, because with an idea that is not yet in the mainstream. The only thing we can talk about is the case of Stalker 2. The developers announced that they would add NFT elements to the game, but after the immediate, very negative reaction of the players, they withdrew from the concept. At the moment, it is also difficult to talk about the first implementations. However, there is no denying that NFT and blockchain are things that are attracting more and more interest from large companies in the industry. The case may be hampered, or even completely stopped, by a major collapse in token trading. Nevertheless, there is little indication that this is a good idea so far. NFT has the “potential” to be much higher in that ranking, but until we have games that use it, a tenth place seems reasonable.

10. NFT, Worst ideas in the gaming industry?  here they are!  - TOP 10 ranking

9. DLC on game discs

An idea that appeared two generations ago, when the DLC concept was taking its first steps. At that time, paid, small add-ons still aroused a lot of negative emotions. It didn’t help that some developers and publishers got carried away with greed. An example of this was BioShock 2, which in the form of DLC offered skins for characters in multiplayer mode. The creators explained that – since it concerns multiplayer mode, everyone must have the appropriate files on the disc so that they can see them. However, the players were not convinced. In many games, we even paid only to unlock something that we already had on the carrier. In times when DLC was just in its infancy, such an idea was very much in the way of promoting the idea of ​​small extensions.

9. DLC on game discs, Worst ideas in the gaming industry?  here they are!  - TOP 10 ranking

8. Companion Apps

An idea that fortunately did not cause much damage, which does not mean that it was not very good. Companion apps were designed to connect us to the game via phone. There we were supposed to do small things that we don’t always want to do on the console. The idea was implemented by several publishers, of which Electronic Arts was the most active. The problem is that the applications were not particularly developed and did not offer enough value to look at them. So he didn’t need them and didn’t want them. As a result, a lot of money was spent on it, and the interest of players was negligible. Another innovative concept that crashed against the wall in contact with players and their needs.

8. Companion Apps, Game Industry Worst Ideas?  here they are!  - TOP 10 ranking

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