The world’s best earning games. We spend hundreds of millions of dollars in these titles

The video game industry has long surpassed all other entertainment industries – both in terms of popularity and earnings. Do you know how much the most popular games in the world have earned?

It has been known for a long time that there is a lot of money in our industry and from year to year there are more and more players, and thus the global spending on video games is increasing. Did you think that the nearly 3 billion earned in the cinema by Avatar or Avengers is a lot? The 10 titles I have collected have earned a total of more than the entire Star Wars brand, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DCEU, or even Mickey Mouse. The data provided is the most up-to-date information available from developers or video game industry earnings research agencies.

Dungeon Fighter Online – $ 18 billion (until 2021)

In the first place, without surprise, one of the most popular games in the world that hardly anyone in the West cares about. Well, let’s be honest, how many of you played the PC beat up? The Steam version is still far behind the list of the most-played titles, but the numbers do not lie – the Chinese and other Asians spent about 18 billion dollars on this game, which for a 15-year-old game is a really crazy result.

Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor – $ 14.67 billion (up to 2022)

League of Legends has broken the bank on PCs, and Tencent’s LoL fake still rules on mobiles. What’s a bit funny, because Tencent bought Riot Games and has three versions of the same mobile game in his portfolio. Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor and League of Legends: Wild Rift – all three titles are almost identical to each other, but as for the Chinese Moba, she has already earned over $ 14.5 billion.

League of Legends – $ 13.45 billion (until 2021)

Not so far behind, however, is the PC original, i.e. the title that paved the way for the MOBA genre to great popularity – because while DOTA was the first, only LoL showed that even several hundred million people can play such games. Total earnings of $ 13.45 billion just back it up. And LoL itself is still doing well and bravely facing new trends.

CrossFire – $ 13.09 billion (up to 2019)

In the West, Counter-Strike is probably the most popular PC shooter, but when it comes to other parts of the world, CrossFire reigns there, which is a kind of Asian clone of Valve’s popular title, which is rather unlucky in our markets. Do you still remember the CrossFireX mishap? Nevertheless, the popular shooter has grossed over $ 13 billion to this day!

World of Warcraft – $ 11.32 billion (up to 2018)

World of Warcraft is, despite many years on its neck and growing competition, still the greatest MMORPG in history and a lot of water will pass in WisÅ‚a before this state of affairs simply changes. The death of WoW was predicted with each expansion pack, and yet the title still earns billions – literally. By 2018, the game had generated over 11 billion in revenue, and if we took the next few years, it would definitely have exceeded a good 13-14 billion.

PUBG + PUBG Mobile – $ 11.18 billion (up to 2018)

PUBG took the PC market by surprise and immediately turned out to be an absolutely gigantic success, which has not been repeated on Steam until today. Years pass, and the game’s earnings are growing – albeit mainly for the mobile version. The total earnings of PUBG and PUBG Mobile, without taking into account data from New State, because they are unavailable and have a rather marginal impact on the whole, is over $ 11 billion. Unfortunately, the data also takes some time, so it is much more for the bank now.

Monster Strike – $ 9.91 billion (until 2021)

I must admit that I only heard about Monster Strike now, when I wrote this article. The tiny and rather inconspicuous mobile game is an undisputed hit in the East, thanks to which mobile players from China and other neighboring regions have generated a staggering $ 10 billion for Monster Strike authors! Due to the rather unusual nature of the production, it would rather not gain much recognition in the West.

Fortnite – $ 9 billion (up to 2019)

From the first day of Fortnite in the Battle Royale version, he earns enormous money and despite the fact that Epic Games does not officially boast of the results, we can be sure that one of the most popular productions in the world still brings great profits. By 2019, the title generated as much as 9 billion green papers, and if you believe the estimates of various agencies, another 8-10 billion was added to this amount in the last two years. Unfortunately, we will probably not know the official data.

Puzzle & Dragons – $ 8.57 billion (up to 2022)

The Match-3 genre is still mostly the domain of hypercasual gamers, but there are gems like Puzzle & Dragons that bring this style of gameplay closer to the more hardcore and midcore players. Over the first decade of his life, the mobile hit generated over 8.5 billion dollars, which puts it in the first league of the highest-earning games in the world.

Clash of Clans – $ 8 billion (by 2022)

The Finnish Supercell has their hands full and does not intend to spend their hard-earned money on some unprofitable projects, so nothing that makes hundreds of millions of dollars has no reason for them – that’s why they recently canceled something promising Clash Quest project before it had time to exit the test phase . No wonder, since Clash of Clans still earns a lot – the latest data confirm that as much as 8 billion dollars has been broken.

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