The White House warned Russia over nuclear weapons. “Catastrophic Consequences”

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken warned Russia that the use of nuclear weapons would have catastrophic consequences for it. Such warnings were also to be issued to Moscow by representatives of other NATO countries.

As the New York Times writes, Sullivan used the term “catastrophic consequences” in all three interviews he gave on Sunday to American television stations.

He declined to provide details of the US response to Russia’s use of nuclear weapons, but added that Russia “understands very well what the United States will do in response (…) because we explained it to them.” Sullivan also announced additional severe sanctions if Russia decides to annex the occupied territories.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed a similar opinion in an interview with the program “60 Minutes” on CBS.

“It is very important that Moscow hears this from us and knows that the consequences will be terrifying, and we have made it very clear.” – He said. He later added that the use of nuclear weapons would have “catastrophic results for – obviously – the country that uses them, but also for many other countries.”

Other NATO countries also warned Russia about the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. According to the journal’s sources, this response is unlikely to be nuclear, but Russia will be punished with a conventional strike.

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