The well-known journalist could not stand it. Strong words were spoken about the Touchstone. “Symbol for Trading Foreign Soccer Players”

Roman Kołtoń strongly assessed Michał Probierz’s approach to young Poles during his term in Cracovia. – He was a symbol of trading in foreign footballers – said a journalist from “Prawda Futbolu” in the program “Two Seats” on the Meczyki channel (YouTube).

In July this year. The PZPN announced that Michał Prukaj was the new coach of the Polish national team up to 21 years of age. The 49-year-old trainer replaced Maciej Stolarczyk in this position.

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There was no shortage of lively discussions in social media regarding this nomination. During the times of running Cracovia, many fans and journalists accused Prukaj that he did not give the young players of “Belts” a chance to play. Roman Kołtoń also commented on this topic in the newest episode of “Two Armchairs”.

Michał coped with it, he is an intelligent guy with a mega background. President Kulesza said to me: “Roman, but Michał started working! 160 players are watching”. I replied: “President, very good, I’m happy. The president wants to go to the tournament, I want to go to the tournament, Michał, because he is ambitious, he also wants to go to the tournament.” Let him grab this youth and let him leave, let God really watch over him and let his mind allow him to do all this – he said.

But I thought that he didn’t deserve a youth team because of the way he worked with Cracovia and the way he treated young footballers. The condition of Polish football is something that we discuss, discuss and ponder. I think there is too much trade in foreign footballers. For me, Michał Prukaj was a symbol of trading in foreign footballers at the expense of Poles – he assessed.

A journalist from “Pravda Futbol” recalls his story with a 49-year-old trainer.

The recipe about the youth, which today is a laughing stock and will be abolished after this season. But if it were not for this rule, then the same Michał Prociąg, today the coach of the youth team, used 14 players in a match and replaced the youth with a youth player, all other foreign players. I wrote then: “Pathology” – He said.

– Michał Prownica spoke at the press conference and said that I should make coaching papers and lead myself. And that’s not the point. Finally, the journalist has the right to refer to his pot in which the flower is to grow and has the right to refer to the proportion of Poles to foreigners. It affects me so much – stated.

How much has changed since the creation of the youth recipe?

I explained it to both Zibi and President Kulesza. Before the youth regulation, in the Polish league there were approximately 40% of foreigners in the teams’ staff, 50% of the playing time, the number of debuts out of 100, it was 76%. We can be a league that produces football, has some ambition, is managed more wisely. I am not outraged, I am in the European Union, but let’s not go crazy. In volleyball, there can be four foreigners in a 14-team squad. Now Kulesza is also considering that there should be maybe eight Poles in the 20-person protocols for next season – Kołtoń summed up.

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