The weather in Arabia will allow me to better prepare for the World Cup

Grzegorz Krychowiak has been collecting recent unfavorable opinions. It is deleted by journalists, fans and former footballers. Everyone can see that his value in the squad declines over time, which was not helped by the decision to play in the Arab league. However, “Krycha” himself admits that the weather there will have a positive effect on the efficiency needed during the World Cup in Qatar.

Krychowiak: - The weather in Arabia will allow me to prepare better for the World Cup

The 93-time Polish representative presented his perspective in the “Countdown to the World Cup” program: – I knew that it was extremely hot in Arabia and the weather was completely different than in Europe. However, this aspect will make it easier for me to prepare for the World Cup. The body gets used to these temperatures. More progress is being made in terms of performance. This will allow me to prepare for the November-December period.

He said the following about the Saudi Arabia team, to which Krychowiak has the best access among Polish representatives: – It is a very dynamic team with a lot of quality. I’m talking about players in my team, but I also had the opportunity to talk to a coach who lives in the same place as me. I know him from France, he is a great specialist with great experience.

Krychowiak has so far played all four matches in the Arab League, in minutes almost from cover to cover. Until the World Cup starts, he has four more rounds to get into optimal form.

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