The war in Ukraine. The repair of the Crimean Bridge will last at least until September 2023

The war in Ukraine.  The repair of the Crimean Bridge will last at least until September 2023

The war in Ukraine. The repair of the Crimean Bridge will last at least until September 2023

It is unlikely that the Crimean Bridge will be fully operational earlier than September 2023, according to the findings of British intelligence. It is necessary, inter alia, replacement of four huge spans of the crossing, and the coming winter may cause further difficulties. The Russians initially downplayed the scale of the damage on the bridge, and informed about the resumption of rail and road traffic two days after the attack.

October 8, 2022 there was a powerful explosion and fire on the Crimean Bridge. As a consequence, one of the two roadways collapsed into the water, and fuel cisterns burned for hours on the railway part of the bridge. The Russians announced the swinging resumption of road and rail traffic over the bridge the next day, and then it was reported that the work to restore the damaged parts of the structure to use will take a maximum of one and a half months. However, experts had no doubts that these claims were propaganda, and the repair of the Crimean Bridge would be difficult and long.

Crimean Bridge damaged

A month after the explosion on the Crimean Bridge, experts’ opinions are confirmed by the findings of British intelligence. “The Russians are still making efforts to repair the Crimean Bridge, but it is unlikely that it will be fully operational before at least September 2023,” the British defense ministry said in a statement published on November 9.

Intensive works are still going on at the crossing, but their scale and complexity make it impossible to complete the repairs quickly. “On November 8, the road bridge was to be closed to allow the displacement and installation of a new 64-meter span. Three additional spans will be needed to replace the damaged sections,” it was written.

Destroyed Crimean BridgeSatellite image © 2022 Maxar Technologies

According to the communiqué, the pro-Russian Crimean authorities assured that additional spans would be installed by December 20, but other repair works on the bridge would still obstruct road traffic until at least March 2023. This is what follows from the report provided Vladimir Putinaccess to which was obtained by British intelligence.

“The repair of the damaged railway bridge was contracted until September 2023, although Russia’s deputy prime minister stated that the deadline would be accelerated. One railroad track is active, but its transport remains limited” – indicated the British, adding that the pace of work will also be greatly influenced by the conditions weather during the coming winter.

“The attack on the Crimean Bridge disrupted Russian logistics supplies to Crimea and the south Ukraine reducing Russia’s ability to move military equipment and troops to the area by rail or road. Damage to the bridge, the recent attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol and the likely withdrawal from Kherson make it difficult for the Russian government to present the picture as a military success, “the ministry concluded in a press release.

Crimean Bridge – meaning

Crimean Bridge, also known as the Kerch Bridge, in 2018 it was officially opened by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It is the only road and rail link connecting the Crimean Peninsula, illegally occupied by the Russians, with the territory of Russia. For this reason, the bridge is of enormous logistical, as well as political and propaganda importance for Russia. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, it became the main route of transporting troops and supplies for Russian troops attacking Ukraine from the south.

The circumstances of the October explosion at the crossing have not been clarified so far. The Russian Federal Security Service, after several days of investigation, announced that it was an attack for which representatives of Ukrainian intelligence are responsible. The Security Service of Ukraine, however, did not comment on these reports.

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