The war in Ukraine. Russian General Andrei Sychevoy has been captured, media say

Reports appeared in the Ukrainian media about the possible capture of General Andrei Sichevoy, the commander-in-chief of the Russian army group “West” in the Kharkiv region. They have not been confirmed – speculation about the capture of the general was triggered by a recording showing a Russian soldier similar to him, captured by the Ukrainians. As commentators emphasize, if the reports of Sichewoy’s capture are confirmed, it will mean that for the first time since World War II, such a high-ranking Russian officer has been taken prisoner.

Lieutenant-General Andrei Sychevoy was taken prisoner on September 6 during a counteroffensive by the armed forces Ukraine in the Kharkiv region – this information was provided on Friday by the portal specializing in military issues. This information also appeared in many Ukrainian media, including the daily “Kyiv Post” and social media. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

Kneeling Russians, prisoners of war

The general is to be captured by one of the recordings from the front in the Kharkiv region. It shows captive, kneeling Russian soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs. One of them is similar to Andrei Syczewoy – but he is not wearing a general’s uniform, but an ordinary field uniform of a soldier with the rank of lieutenant colonel. There is no cap on his head, and blood is dripping from the gash on his browbone. The man looks straight ahead and does not answer the questions he is asked.

The Ukrainian media initially reported the capture of the Russian lieutenant colonel. On Friday, a well-known political scientist from Kiev, currently a spokesman for the 1st Independent Special Brigade named after Ivan Bohun Taras Berezovets, however, said that “the prisoner of war in the lieutenant-colonel’s uniform turned out to be the commander of the Russian West army group, Andrei Sychevoy”.

Photo from the recording published on the Telegram channel of Taras Berezovec

Unconfirmed reports

According to reports from the Russian press, the 53-year-old General Sichevoy commanded the forces of the Southern Military District from February 2019 to November 2021. On July 20, 2022, the Russian media reported that Sichevoy had become the commander of the West (Zapad) group of troops taking part in a special military operation in Ukraine, as the Kremlin propaganda calls an armed invasion Russia to Ukraine.

His name then appeared in a statement from the Ministry of Defense, in which it was announced that “the minister of defense Sergei Shoigu inspected the grouping of the West forces taking part in the special operation in Ukraine. “This group was formed for the needs of war in Ukraine and maintained control over the occupied territories in the Kharkiv region, including the The city of Balaklija, with 27,000 inhabitants, was freed on Thursday.

Andrei Sychevoy. Photo posted on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense

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Reports of the capture of General Andrei Sichevoy have not been officially confirmed. As stated by the Kyiv Post, independent Ukrainian sources of information consider his arrest “probable, but not confirmed.” So far, neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian authorities have commented on this information.

“If it turns out that General Sichewoj is in Ukrainian hands, he will be the highest-ranking Russian officer taken prisoner since the Second World War,” emphasized the Kyiv Post. In turn, a deputy to the Ukrainian parliament, Oleksiy Honcharenko, noted that if a general was actually captured, “many of our important boys could be exchanged for him.”,,, Kyiv Post

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