The war in Ukraine. Russia donated millions of euros for Iranian drones and Western weapons – Sky News

The war in Ukraine. Russia donated millions of euros for Iranian drones and Western weapons – Sky News

Russia, in exchange for deliveries of deadly drones, gave Iran 140 million euros in cash and three intercepted Western weapons – on Wednesday reports the British Sky News station, citing an anonymous informant. According to the same source, another contract for the supply of Iranian drones to Russia worth EUR 200 million was also supposed to be concluded in recent days.

Sky News relies on its own anonymous source of information in “security structures”. According to him, on August 20, two Russian Il-76 military planes landed at the airport in Tehran. They carried – according to the station – EUR 140 million in cash and three pieces of Western weapons: the British NLAW anti-tank missile, the American Javelin anti-tank missile and the American Stinger anti-aircraft missile. To confirm his information, the source also provided Sky News with satellite photos showing Russian planes standing at the airport in the Iranian capital.

The handed over weapons were to come from warehouses in Great Britain and USA and be intended for the Ukrainian army, but according to the source, “she got her hands on it Russia“Now, according to an informant, it is likely to be taken apart by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to analyze Western technology and possible copy and use of it.

Iranian kamikaze drone attack on KyivYASUYOSHI CHIBA / AFP / East News

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Iranian weapons for Russia

In return for this delivery, Tehran provided Russia with over 160 unmanned aerial vehicles. Among them, there were to be 100 Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, 60 smaller Shahed-131 drones and six Mohajer-6 multi-purpose drones that could be used for observation or attacking with precision ammunition. In total, according to the Sky News informant, five Russian planes transporting drones from Iran to Russia are to be known.

According to the station, in the last few days, both countries have already agreed another contract for the supply of Iranian drones worth EUR 200 million. – This means that there will be another shipment of drones from Iran soon – said an anonymous informant. – Iran seems to want to take advantage of war (in Ukraine) by receiving Western technologies from Russians that may prove useful to him in the future, he added.

Iranian kamikaze Shahed-136 dronePAP / Maciej Zieliński

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Ukraine under attack by drones

Sky News reminds that Russian attacks on Ukraine with the use of drones. Their goals include key infrastructure facilities, including the provision of water and electricity for civilians. They cause a large number of civilian casualties as well as power outages and put a strain on the Ukrainian air defense forces.

According to the expert quoted by Sky News, Iranian drones have now become crucial for the Russian military. “If Iran did not supply Shahed drones, Russia’s efforts would be much less effective in attacking Ukraine’s electricity and water infrastructure,” said Justin Bronk of the Royal United Services Institute think tank in London.

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